Name Completion Date Topic Current Position
Nathan Sandholtz September 2021 High-performance analytics for high-performance sports Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University
Iman Dayarian January 2016 A mixed-integer optimization approach for homogeneous magnet design Assistant Professor, University of Alabama
Daria Terekhov June 2015 Goodness-of-fit in inverse optimization Associate Professor, Concordia University


Name Graduation Date Thesis Title Current Position
Nasrin Yousefi June 2023 Inverse optimization and its applications in measuring clinical pathway concordance Assistant Professor, Queen's University
Ian Zhu June 2023 Inverse and robust models for optimization with objective uncertainty Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Aaron Babier February 2022 Advances in knowledge-based planning for radiotherapy with an open-source framework Senior Applied Research Scientist, ServiceNow
Rafid Mahmood August 2020 Learning to solve optimization problems with hidden components: Applications in automated treatment planning Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
Christopher Sun June 2019 Improving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes and automated external defibrillator placement guidelines through optimization and predictive modelling Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
Justin Boutilier August 2018 Emergency medical services response optimization Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Philip Mar August 2017 Properties and paradigms of robust optimization DataOps Developer, GEOTAB
Brendan Eagen August 2016 Ambulatory clinic scheduling Data Scientist, General Motors
Derya Demirtas January 2016 Facility location under uncertainty and spatial data analytics in healthcare Associate Professor, University of Twente
Houra Mahmoudzadeh June 2015 Robust optimization methods for breast cancer radiation therapy Associate Professor, University of Waterloo
Taewoo Lee November 2014 Generalized inverse optimization with application to cancer therapy Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Sarina Turner October 2014 Advancing sustainability research using mathematical programming techniques Senior Quantitative Analyst, American Greetings
Marshal Wang March 2014 Stochastic integer programming: Decomposition methods and industrial applications Energy and Economic Analyst, Environment and Climate Change Canada


Name Graduation Date Thesis Title Current Position
Jesse Ward-Bond August 2023 Geometry-free prediction of inertial lift forces in microchannels PhD, University of Toronto
Christina Seo July 2023 Geographic determinants of atrial fibrillation outcomes Research Coordinator, Machine Learning and Optimization, Humber River Health
Jamal Chu July 2023 Planning and evaluating drone networks for response to out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest in North Carolina PhD, University of Toronto
Rachel Wong November 2022 Pooling donations in human milk banks using machine learning and optimization PhD, University of Toronto
Albert Loa September 2022 Simulation-based analysis of points systems in accumulative and independent sports Senior Product Developer - OR, IBS Software Canada
Coco Huang September 2022 Constructing points systems in accumulative and independent sports via Bayesian regression Senior Data Analyst, Mistplay
Imran Saleh August 2022 Three essays on surgical services optimization
Craig Fernandes August 2021 A Markov Process approach to untangling intention versus execution in tennis PhD, University of Toronto
Simon Huang August 2021 Optimal Control of the Erlang-R queue: Design of post-discharge intervention programs for congested hospital wards Quantitative Researcher, Seven Eight Capital
Frances Pogacar August 2021 Operations research applications in Ontario's healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic Lead, System Capacity Planning, Ontario Health
Yusuf Shalaby August 2020 Inverse optimization for clinical pathway concordance Software Engineer - Data Engineering, FundThrough
Matthew Crowson April 2020 Machine learning applications for clinical data in otolaryngology-head & neck surgery Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Jonathan Ranisau August 2019 Dosimetrist workload management framework for radiation therapy pre-treatment operations Manager, Data Science and Data Engineering, Hamilton Health Sciences
Binghao Zhang August 2019 A physiology-based mathematical model for the selection of appropriate ventilator controls for lung and diaphragm protection PhD, University of Toronto
Clara Stoesser August 2019 Robust optimization on healthcare referral networks: Engaging private providers in low- and middle-income countries Data Consultant, Capitalize for Kids
Benjamin Leung August 2019 Optimal defibrillator placement for in-hospital cardiac arrest PhD, University of Toronto
Benjamin Potter September 2018 Constructing efficient production networks: A machine learning approach Senior Applied Research Scientist, ServiceNow
Ian Zhu August 2018 Spatial price integration in competitive markets with capacitated transportation networks Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Aaron Babier August 2017 Knowledge-based automated planning for oropharyngeal cancer Senior Applied Research Scientist, ServiceNow
Islay Wright August 2017 Analytics for decision-making in amateur sport organizations Director Corporate Business Intelligence, Lightspeed
Neal Kaw August 2017 Inverse linear optimization for the recovery of constraint parameters in robust and non-robust problems Senior Data Scientist, Unity Health Toronto
Ali Goli August 2015 Sensitivity and stability analysis for inverse optimization with applications in intensity-modulated radiation therapy Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Mark Michael September 2014 Generalized combinatorial auction for mixed integer linear programming Chief Technology Officer, Kepler Communications
Heyse Li August 2013 Utilizing positron emission tomography information in lung cancer treatment Blockchain Tools Engineer, Truffle Blockchain Group
Yifang Liu August 2013 Stochastic models for evolution of tumor geometry for cervical cancer during radiation therapy Director - Global Allocation Fund, BlackRock
Auyon Siddiq June 2013 Robust facility location under demand location uncertainty Assistant Professor, UCLA Anderson
Velibor Misic June 2012 Adaptive and robust radiation therapy optimization for lung cancer Associate Professor, UCLA Anderson


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